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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does the band play for?

The normal set is 4 hours (elapsed time from the agreed start time, inclusive of a 30 minute break). For example if you wished us to be set up and ready to play the first dance at 8:00pm, then we would normally finish at 12:00. Longer or shorter set times can be discussed.

2. Can we arrange to see you performing live?

The vast majority of the functions we play at are private and any viewings will be by permission of the party / wedding organiser. Please contact us if you would like to see us live.

3. How many musicians are in the band and what is the instrumentation?

Please see our sections on band members and venue considerations.

4. How does the Ceilidh / Disco package work?

Please see our section Ceilidh / Disco packages can be arranged

5. How much do you charge?

Prices for Ceilidh bands in general vary depending on the number of musicians and the location of the venue. The band might consider a small discount for a bit of free fly fishing - see trooters video!

To get a better idea of budgeting for your function and the size of band you might like, please see the information on our Contact Us page.

6. How long do you take to set up?

We normally set up just before the agreed start time. It takes about 45 minutes and is normally about the same time a venue takes to turn around the room. We are discreet when we are setting up and there are no bangs and thumps or loud noises! If an early set up time is required, there will be an additional charge.

7. Does the Ceilidh Band cover other songs or is it strictly ceilidh?

The instrumentation used in a good traditional ceilidh band does not lend itself to 'heavy rock' or 'popular covers'. Some bands try to be all things to all people and either achieve this through the use of 'Karaoke' or 'Band In A Box'  type electronics or they have a large number of group members (seven or eight) or quite simply they're not very good at some stuff they attempt to play! Our philosophy has been to specialise in what we do well (traditional ceilidh music) and provide the option of a disco if other kinds of music is a requirement.

8. Do you require a deposit / Do you take provisional bookings?

A deposit is normally required to reserve a date. We do not take bookings / provisional bookings without first receiving a deposit.


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